Some fundamental facts on face lifting (facelift)

In the course of time your skin and the underlying tissues have lost their natural elasticity. The tissues of your face and/or neck have become flabby and sagging. The facial proportions are changing. The purpose of a surgical facelift is to give your skin and the tissues new elasticity and to ensure long-lasting rejuvenation of your face (face correction).

Youthful appearance

State-of-the-art methods of plastic surgery now make it possible to perform miracles by restoring your youthful, fresh and dynamic appearance by means of an individualised facelift. A relaxed, young and beautiful look – these are the objectives of modern operating methods. And the operation can remain your very personal secret …

There are basically two different methods of facelift:

  • Facelift where only the skin of your face is lifted. This surgery is shorter but the result is by far not as long lasting as in the case of the “real” facelift involving several layers of tissue. Moreover, in the case of subsequent facelifts complications may arise due to repeated overstretching of the skin.
  • Composite facelift: This method involves shortening and tightening of the skin and the underlying tissues. The optical age is thus permanently turned back by up to ten years.

Possible lift variants

  • Facelift/face lifting: With a facelift/face lifting skin and tissue in the cheek area are tightened, the nasolabial fold is smoothed and sagging tissue around the mandibular angles is lifted.
  • Facelift/neck lift: With a face/neck lift the sagging tissue of the neck is tightened at the same time. Additionally it is possible to perform liposuction around the chin in order to remove excess fatty tissue (the so-called turkey neck).


Prior to the operation your physician will identify with you in a private consultation what your expectations are and will inform you about the various possibilities that exist and which are most suitable for you. This method typically requires you to spend one to two days at the clinic. There is no need to shave hair.