Treatment at Sophienklinik

Depending on the individual conditions, liposuction alone or a so-called brachioplasty may be the most appropriate option.

If the tissue has retained a certain amount of elasticity and the undesired modifications are primarily caused by increased fat deposits, specific liposuction will suffice to achieve the desired tightening of the upper arm. This can be performed under twilight-sleep (partial anaesthetic) on an outpatient basis.

But if the skin and the underlying tissue are already flabby, I will make a very discrete incision on the inside of the upper arm which subsequently will be hardly visible, in order to tighten the tissue, remove excess skin and to carefully close the wound. This operation can be performed on an outpatient basis and under twilight-sleep (partial anaesthetic).

Optimum result

Here again, experience and skill of the surgeon are of utmost importance in order to achieve the best possible result. If performed by an unskilled surgeon, the operation may leave unsightly conspicuous scars or even – due to incorrect tension – out-of-shape scars in visible areas.