Treatment at Sophienklinik

Sophienklinik is one of a very small number of clinics in Germany where nose surgery is treated as a unity of shape and function.

Functional and aesthetic nose surgery are combined to produce an optimum result. The primary goal is not only to shape a beautiful nose but to optimise its function for improved performance of body and brain.

There is a good reason: for a number of years the chief consultant of Sophienklinik worked closely with one of the great masters of nose surgery of global reputation. This explains why at Sophienklinik the focus is on a holistic approach to the nose as the combination of shape and function.

Nose surgery

Depending on the type of operation, the operation takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. If possible, access is made from within the nose or through a small incision from the nasal bridge so that no or hardly any visible scars remain. Depending on the result to be achieved, different approaches are possible:

  • Removal of excess cartilage and bone. Deformed parts (e.g. nasal septum surgery/septoplasty) are straightened.

  • Sunken parts can be filled up by means of certain materials (e.g. cartilage). For this it may be necessary to remove cartilage from other parts of the body (e.g. from the ear).
    For your own safety, we use only biological material for filling up missing cartilage or bone.

The “right” nose

Fitting the “right” perfectly and individually shaped nose to create a harmonious face requires many years of experience with the most diverse nose anatomies and exposure to a great number of nose surgeries. The run-of-the mill snub nose “off-the-peg” is not our benchmark. Our goal is to match shape and function individually for your face.

For this reason I will run a computer simulation with you prior to the operation to show you what your “new” nose will look like. Depending on the scope of the nose reshaping, it may be necessary to proceed by several individual steps in order to achieve the desired result.