Treatment at Sophienklinik

Depending on the method chosen, the operation takes about three to four hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. The basic principle is invariably the same: the tissue is detached and tightened, and excess skin and tissue are removed.

  • The incision is made in front of the ear up to the hairy temple region or just behind the hairline, depending on the amount of skin to be removed. Downwards the incision runs around the earlobe behind the ear.
  • If the facelift is combined with a neck lift, the incision is made behind the earlobe into the area of the neck hair. This type of incision makes it possible to lift cheek, neck and nape tissue either individually or in combination.
  • For the mini lift, the incision is made exclusively within the area of the hairy part of the temples from where the tissue below the eyes and in the zygomatic region is detached and lifted upwards by means of a small endoscopic camera. At Sophienklinik we also devote special attention to facelifting for men, since there is a growing demand for eyelid surgery and liposuction. Given that male skin and tissue differ from the female facial tissue not only because of growth on the chin but also in terms of thickness and elasticity, special experience is of great importance in order to meet highest standards and expectations. Moreover, the proportions of a young and dynamic-looking male face are quite different from those of a young-looking woman. Therefore, individual counselling and analysis are of great importance.

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