For a nicer nose characteristic

In the profile view, eyes and lips are barely perceived- nose is then the most important aesthetic factor. It is no surprise that rhinoplasty is a much sought-operation in aesthetic plastic surgery, especially the nose has to fulfill another important task:

You should not only have an aesthetic proportion and fit harmoniously into the face, but they must also clean the air we breathe, moisturize to make them compatible for the lungs. Added to this is their almost unverbergbare position right in the face.

Anatomically it can be found many different types of tissue such as cartilage , bone, connective tissue and even muscle in the smallest space. All this is covered by a part only 1mm thin skin.

All this makes a nose job to one of the most challenging operations in aesthetic plastic surgery. Thus, the rhinoplasty is successful and provides an optimal aesthetic and functional results, years of experience, precise work and aesthetic understanding are needed.

Dr. Fuchshuber is mainly responsible for the nose surgery in the area Sophienklinik and is a member in “The Rhinoplastysociety Europe”, an association of the most prestigious European nose surgeons.

The individual adaptation of a beautiful nose of the face is the clear goal. Therefore, in the Sophienklinik before the individual anatomical conditions of the respective nose and the entire face will be analyzed. Dr. Fuchshuber developed a system of special nose prints, based on which the anatomical features can be analyzed and presented – this is considered unique.

So that someone can imagine better the “new nose”, the possibilities of correction are also discussed in advance on the computer. This modern technology of computer-simulated visualization is a great help.

The surgical procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, takes about one and a half to two and a half hours and takes place under general anesthesia. Long-term tamponade shall not be used, which makes the time after surgery for you much more comfortable. After 10 days, you are usually back full social and operational.