Treatment at Sophienklinik

The surgery takes approximately one to two hours and is performed under local, partial or general anaesthetic. The method of anaesthesia to be selected in your case will depend on the operation to be performed and your personal conditions. For maximum safety, we will check all details relevant to anaesthesia prior to the operation.

As a first step the areas of excess skin on your eyelids will be marked. On the upper eyelids, the incision will follow the natural fold of the skin. In some cases smile lines and crow's feet lines will additionally require small 5-10 mm lateral incisions lateral to the corner of the eyes but they will be placed within the natural lines in order to avoid visible scars.

On the lower eyelid the incision is made below the eyelashes. Conditions permitting, the incision can also be made on the inside of the eyelid through the palpebral conjunctiva so that there will be no visible external scar. Any protruding fatty tissue can be removed or redistributed.

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