Injection of autologous fat, body fat

The injection of body fat (autologous fat) is one alternative of achieving a longer lasting effect. For this purpose unwanted fat cells are removed from other parts of the body such as thighs or hips and specially processed. Then the body's own fat is injected into the facial areas concerned by means of a very thin injection needle in order to smooth away wrinkles and scars or to enlarge lips. As the body's own fat is properly processed, the treatment normally produces a lasting effect, provided that it is administered by an experienced injector using the appropriate methods.

Eigenfett Faltenbehandlung

Removal of body fat requires some careful preparation: Depending on the individual situation and depending on how much fat has to be removed, surgery will take 30 to 90 minutes. In some cases a partial anaesthetic may be necessary. The operation can be performed on an outpatient basis. For a lasting result it is recommended that three to four follow-up injections be planned. For this purpose, the removed fat is deep-frozen and stored. After the second or possibly third treatment, however, the result will be permanent.


The injected areas are usually swollen for up to two weeks. During that time it is recommended that you avoid sports, sauna and solarium.

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