After the operation, swelling and a sensation of tension can cause some discomfort. This is normal and will disappear automatically within a few days. Make sure that the dressing over your eyes stays in place and cool the area around your eyes with cold compresses but not ice packs during the first days after the operation. In order to avoid major swelling it is recommended that during the first week after the operation you sleep with the upper part of your body in an elevated position. During that period you should avoid physical effort and sports, and you should not go to the solarium or sauna.

The stitches are removed after 5 to 10 days. Thereafter you should protect the operating scar with a sun blocker for the next three months. If there are still bruises or skin discolouration, you can use makeup to cover them up.

A final assessment of the outcome is not possible until three months after the operation. Bright and beautiful eyes – you can look forward to a new experience of life.
Die Nähte werden nach 5 bzw. 10 Tagen entfernt, danach sollten Sie die Operationsnarbe mit einem Sunblocker für die nächsten 3 Monate schützen. Bei noch vorhandenen blauen Flecken oder Verfärbungen der Haut kann ein kaschierendes Make-up verwendet werden.

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