• Botoxbehandlug in Stuttgart

    Botox treatment with botulinum toxin

    Lines and wrinkles, especially forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet around the corners of the eyes, are caused by permanent unconscious straining of the dynamic muscles. Tension headache can be another consequence of unconscious muscle tenseness.

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  • Smooth face through a Botox treatment

    Treatment with the Botox botulinum toxin relaxes the dynamic/mimetic muscles by reducing their activity, thus smoothing away lines.

    • frown lines
    • forehead lines
    • crow's feet
    • perioral lines
    • lines around the corner of the mouth


    With a tiny needle the Botox is injected into the muscle. This effectively and gently releases the tension in the muscle, thus smoothing wrinkles and lines in the area treated. It takes about 10 to 14 days after injection for the treatment to take effect. Swelling and reddening in the areas treated are very rare and typically disappear after one day. After the first treatment, the effect of botulinum toxin usually lasts about six months; after repeat injections the effect can last up to one year.

    The treatment prevents deepening of existing and formation of new lines.

    Botulinum toxin for excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis)

    For this condition too Botox can help improve the situation, in particular for perspiration in the armpit. The effect lasts up to one year. An alternative treatment consists in draining off the sweat glands, which produces a permanent result.

    Why you should not be afraid of Botox:

    • Botulinum toxin has been used in medicine since 1980, especially for the treatment of children with high muscular tension. The doses used for these indications are often much higher than those used in aesthetic surgery.

    • Botulinum toxin has been used in aesthetic surgery since 1990, and the doses used are extremely small.


    After treatment the area around the injection site may show slight swelling which typically disappears by the following day. There have been very rare cases of eye brow asymmetry.