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    Some fundamental facts on eyelid surgery

    In the course of your life the skin and muscles of your eyelids have lost some of their elasticity. Typical signs are lines, tear sacs baggy eyelids. They are irritating, unattractive and make you look tired and sad. You want to restore your clear, alert and relaxed expression.

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  • Possible variations

    eyelid surgery

    Surgery will be planned individually on the basis of the actual conditions:

    When an eyelid lift is performed, excess skin is removed at the same time as small lines and baggy eyelids. The flabby muscle tissue is tightened.

    Removal or redistribution of fatty tissue on the lower eyelids will do away with tear sacs and rings under the eyes. This will refresh the look of your eyes. This kind of operation can be combined with other surgery such as a brow lift, temple lift or facelift.

    By removing or redistribution of adipose tissue in the lower eyelids puffy bags or dark circles be removed. Your eyes get a fresh look again. A combination with other procedures such as brow lift, temporal lift or facelift is possible.

    Eyelid surgery - Varations
    Eyelid surgery - Varations


    Prior to the operation your physician will discuss your expectations with you and look at the various possibilities available. In each individual case we determine whether the operation will require hospitalisation or whether it can be done on an outpatient basis.