Some fundamental facts on thigh lifting

You are unhappy with the contour of your thighs:
The skin of your thighs can have gone flabby on the inside of your thighs, on your buttocks, or on the outside of your thighs. If additionally fatty tissue has built up on the outside of your thighs it may make sense to consider liposuction in addition to thigh lifting.

Skin that is still elastic will sufficiently firm up after significant weight loss or liposuction. But as it grows older our skin loses its elasticity and may therefore appear flabby. You can in fact do something about it by having excess skin and the underlying fat tissue removed.

The treatment in the Sophienklinik

The Labia Reduction is a relatively minor procedure, which is performed in the Sophienklinik under local anesthesie or twilight sleep. During the 30-60 minute OP to the long inner lips are gently removed and the wounds with self-dissolving sutures.

After the treatment

Due to the tissue-sparing implementation, the patient recovers quickly from surgery.

Sport, sauna, swimming pool or sitz baths should be avoided until the wounds are completely healed and the threads have dissolved. This is usually after about 2 to 3 weeks the case.