Some fundamental facts on face lifting (facelift)

Are there more gentle procedures?

There is a novel, low-scar procedure that has been practiced for several years in the USA by some specialists and is now also being applied successfully by some plastic-aesthetic surgeons in Germany, but it is subject to certain conditions. At Sophienklinik we have been able to obtain very good results with this mid-face or mini lifting procedure, which leaves virtually no visible scars. In cases where certain facial areas have become sagging due to tissue slackening and there is no major excess of skin, this special technique – if properly applied – which involves only a few “invisible” incisions produces convincing results. The short incisions are made behind the hairline in the lateral temple region and invisibly in the ear. Thanks to this procedure, the sagging tissue layers are reshaped into a youthful and dynamic position and specifically fixed for long durability. Depending on the degree of tissue flabbiness, we may choose to make additional short incisions.