Some fundamental facts on forehead lifting

In the course of time your skin has lost its natural elasticity. The forehead skin has become flabby, the tissue is sagging, your brows are heavy and your eyes look tired. This may be caused by drooping eye brows/forehead skin. For the removal of forehead wrinkles and lifting of sagging skin, a forehead lift is often preferable to a brow lift for producing an attractive and lasting result. Forehead lift restores the elasticity of your skin and gives you a fresh, rested appearance. Your face looks more beautiful and you get an optimal smoothing or lifting of your wrinkles.

Commonly used techniques

  • Endoscopic forehead lift: This involves four small incisions (3-5 mm) behind the hairline so that virtually no visible scars remain. Through these incisions the endoscope (with a small camera) is inserted under the skin and muscles of the forehead. Then the skin is detached and tightened backwards.

  • Conventional „open” forehead lift: This involves an incision along the border of forehead/hairline. This technique is particularly suited for smoothing deep horizontal forehead creases.

Both techniques can be combined with a weakening of the muscle that is responsible for the frown line and thus can permanently remove the wrinkle(s).


Prior to the operation it will be necessary to clarify in a personal consultation what you want to achieve and which of the possible techniques is best suited for your condition. We will also decide at this point whether the surgery will be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis. There will be no need to shave your hair.