• Bruststraffung und Brustverkleinerung

    Some fundamental facts on breast reduction and breast lift

    Your breasts are too big or flabby. You have pain in the chest, posture anomalies and pain in the spine, shoulder or thorax. Or maybe your breasts have become unsightly after pregnancy and you suffer psychologically. In that case a breast lift or reduction surgery may be recommendable. A great variety of different procedures exist. The most common patterns of incision are as follows:

  • Our Solutions for a tight chest

    • T-incision (also called anchor method): With this classic pattern the incision is made in a circle around the areola of the nipple, from there vertically downwards ending in the infra-mammary fold.
    • L-incision or Z-incision
    • O-incision or circular incision
    • I-shaped, mushroom-shaped or vertical incision also known as the Lejour method. This incision method is similar to the T-incision but does not have an incision line in the infra-mammary fold.