In a consultation prior to the operation, surgeon and patient will define the desired goal and will jointly decide what is the most suitable breast implant in terms of material, size and shape. This choice will then determine the surgery technique and necessary steps for inserting the implant:

Vorbereitungnen zur Brustvergrößerung
  • Infra-mammary, the implant is placed by an incision from the infra-mammary fold. This method hardly produces any visible scars and there is no excessive strain on the mammary gland tissue.
  • Periareolar, in this case the incision runs along the border between the dark skin of the areola and the light skin so that later the scar is hardly visible.
  • Transaxillary: the implant is placed through an incision in the armpit. This method leaves no visible scars on the breast itself.

There are two possible ways of placing the implant:

Implantat über dem Muskel

Above the pectoralis major muscle

Immediately underneath the breast tissue; with this approach the implant is located above the pectoralis major muscle (large breast muscle)

Implantat über dem Muskel

Underneath the muscle

Under the pectoralis major muscle; with this approach the implant is located underneath the pectoralis major muscle.

In some cases it may make sense to combine breast augmentation with lifting the breast around the nipples or a complete breast lift in order to achieve an optimal result.

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