After the operation you will receive a cotton bandage (head bandage) for one day. There will be no drains (so-called bio lifting). Swelling, bruises and a sensation of tension in the skin are normal even after the bandage has been removed and will disappear automatically. With a cooling face pack (gel pack) you can reduce the swelling.

Impaired sensitivity can last for several months before disappearing completely. The stitches are typically removed after 10-14 days, and by that time the swelling will also have improved significantly. Dr. Kotzur will give you useful tips for your skin care.

It will take at least three months until the final outcome is seen and can be definitively assessed. If you have had a professional composite (multi-layer) facelift, this result will last for many years. Your friends and colleagues will be amazed at how young and refreshed you look – not like someone who has just been operated on. Your face will continue to age normally and naturally. This means that optically you will age but always look ten years younger than you really are.
After an appropriate period of time, another facelift is possible in most cases in order to turn back the optical clock once again by several years.