Treatment at Sophienklinik

In most cases this operation can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic or twilight-sleep. Depending on the areas to be treated it will take approx. 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

At Sophienklinik liposuction is performed under tumescent local anaesthetic by means of a vibration cannula. This method ensures excellent cosmetic results.

Safety and optimal results

Safety is a primary concern also for liposuction. It is therefore not surprising that at Sophienklinik we do not use the “conventional cannula” because we want maximum precision and gentle handling of the tissue. Based on many years of experience and intensive study of all aspects of liposuction, we have taken this method one step further by developing our own cannula to achieve maximum satisfaction: its spiral-shaped tapering holes afford maximum suction, thus allowing for highly accurate, effective and gentle surgery with a reduced operating time.

Prior to the operation, the region of the body to be operated is marked. We also pay special attention to minor irregularities and mark them separately with a view to achieving a smooth overall result. In order to swell the fat tissues to be removed, a mixture of saline solution and local anaesthetic is infiltrated into the areas concerned. After letting the mixture act for about one hour the surgeon introduces the liposuction cannula through small openings in order to aspirate the fat by means of to-and-fro movements and the suction effect of the device.

The benefits of the liposuction method used at Sophienklinik with tumescent-local anaesthetic and vibration technique:

The tumescent method is the safest method with the longest track record for achieving optimal and even removal of fatty tissue without causing subsequent skin depressions or other irregularities. The simultaneous use of vibration setting the cannula vibrating gently and thus virtually ejecting the fat from the cells has the positive side effect that cellulite, where present, is also significantly improved.

It goes without saying that the surgeon needs sound training and many years of experience in this area.