innovative implants

The aesthetic breast augmentation with silicone gel implants is still the most common plastic surgery in women worldwide.

The demands on the perfect implant, however, have changed in recent years. In addition to safety, it should look natural especially in physically active women. The implant should be like a natural breast move along, depending on the position of the body.

Motiva has developed for this purpose a revolutionary gel filling, which ensures this. This so-called “Unbreakable Gel” not only keeps the strongest loads without deforming, but also comes in two different degrees of softness. The normal gel, still very much softer and feel more real than the previous gels on the market, gives the implant and therefore then the breast a more rounded shape, the second softer gel gives the implant and therefore the chest while standing a natural breast shape.

In addition, the implants have a nanocoating which should reduce significantly capsule fibrosis because the coating increases the biocompatibility.

Other safety aspects are a blue barrier that shows leaks immediately and the so-called “unbreakable” gel, which also withstand the strongest loads without deforming.

Another feature that sets new standards, is an implant containing the electronic chip that contains the serial number and identification of the product. This ensures that the patient can be controlled anytime which implant has even years later, if the papery implant passport has been lost. Patient-related data is not stored on the chip.

Er ist bei Flugzeitkontrollen oder Kernspinnuntersuchungen nicht zu sehen, der chip kann nur mit einem bestimmten Lesegerät, was ebenfalls vom Hersteller vertrieben wird ausgelesen werden, Datenmissbrauch ist somit ausgeschlossen.

Der Hersteller liefert die Implantate nur im TwinPack aus, dies bedeutet beide Implantate, die die Patientin erhält sind sicher am gleichen Tag vom gleichen Arbeiter hergestellt, dies erhöht noch mal die Sicherheit.